Tampa, Atlanta and Nashville Show Greatest Gains in Managerial Hiring

April 30, 2010 – The April 2010 CareerCast.com/JobSerf Employment Index, which measures managerial recruitment activity online, rose to 92.3 in April, the third month in a row that the Index showed an improving job market. The last time the Index was higher was in August 2008, prior to the current recession. “Although there is still a certain amount of economic uncertainty, it seems as though the worst is over,” said Tony Lee, publisher, CareerCast.com. “When the economy does finally turn around, there should be a surge in jobs at all levels as companies look to rebuild their organizations.” All areas of the country improved in April, except for a slight decline in the Southwest (down 2.6 to 94.9). Tampa had the most managerial hiring growth in (+19 percent), followed by Atlanta (+16 percent), and Nashville (+15 percent), Rising 13 percent were Hartford, Louisville, and Riverside, Calif., which even with a double-digit increase still remains the city with the least recruitment activity. Only two cities showed no improvement this month — Cleveland and Detroit. The five best cities to find a job include Washington, D.C. (162), Boston (123), San Francisco (98), Seattle (84) and Atlanta (80), while the worst cities to find a job include Riverside (17), Detroit (27), Memphis (29), Louisville (36) and Tampa (38, despite significant gains in April). These values represent jobs per capita.

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