Survey Reveals Effects of Economy on Recruiting

August 10, 2009 – Sendouts, a provider of web-based recruiting software, has released the results of its 2009 Recruiter Economic Survey which demonstrates how the economic downturn is negatively impacting the recruiting and staffing industry. The survey was completed by 172 participants; 59 respondents identified themselves as third-party recruiters and 67 were third-party owners/managers, making up the majority of survey participants. Survey participants were asked questions that compared their current numbers to what they were before the recent economic downturn. Before the economic downturn, only six percent of respondents reported handling between one and three job orders at a time; since the downturn, this number has climbed to 44 percent. Those handling larger volumes of job orders were affected too. Previously, 24 percent of respondents were handling 10 or more job postings simultaneously; today, only five percent fall into that category. Additionally, the average number of recruiting professionals who made only one placement each month jumped from 24 percent to 53 percent. Other data points shed light on areas where recruiters are implementing cost saving measures, as well as which marketing channels are proving most effective for job placement (social media, search, networking, word-of-mouth, job boards, etc.). “The survey was put together to pinpoint the trends we have been seeing in the recruiting world,” said Jonathan Herrick, VP of sales and marketing. “We wanted to identify the pains facing recruiters and provide solutions to overcome the economic obstacles. I think an important takeaway is that, regardless of economic conditions, businesses should constantly evaluate their internal processes and make changes to stay efficient.”

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