Survey Reveals Challenges Faced by Job Seekers

June 13, 2013 – Monster has released new survey results detailing workers' views on the job market revealing that, while 79 percent of job seekers indicate confidence in finding a job within the next 12 months, 77 percent agree that it is more challenging to find a job compared to a year ago. Findings from the survey indicate that job seekers believe employers maintain an upper hand in the hiring process. While 20 percent agree that employers are willing to provide higher compensation, a substantial majority (80 percent), indicate that employers are providing about the same or less compensation than a year ago. On a more positive note, 42 percent of respondents agree that employers are willing to provide the necessary time and training needed to support candidates in their job. In addition, just over one half (53 percent) of job seekers feel their skills and abilities are understood by employers. “While the survey indicates high levels of confidence among respondents in finding a job within the next 12 months, seekers are up against a competitive job market with 73 percent reporting the market is saturated by qualified people in their area of expertise,” said Jeffrey Quinn, VP of Monster's global insights. “It is also interesting to see that more than half (53 percent) of the respondents are willing to relocate for the right opportunity which indicates an acknowledgement of a high degree of flexibility possibly required to find a new position.”

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