SoftScape Selected by Ascendis

June 14, 2010 – Softscape, a global provider of people management software, has announced Ascendis, a consultancy company in Romania, has selected Softscape for its talent management SaaS solution. This alliance will provide Ascendis' customers with an advanced strategic HR software platform to better manage their workforces and drive growth and productivity. Ascendis is the largest consultancy company in the field of organizational development and training in Romania. “Ascendis represents a new breed of global organizations that are driving growth in this industry by leveraging technology to implement strategy,” said Dave Watkins, CEO and co-founder of Softscape. “Softscape's ongoing innovation and advancements in people management technology are changing how organizations manage their businesses. We look forward to working with the Ascendis team in delivering tangible, bottom-line results to customers.”

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