Talent Alliance to Develop Social Media Website for Chinese Recruiters

June 11, 2010 – Talent Alliance, Inc. has initiated development of a domestic recruiting and social media website for Chinese recruiters. The new website which will be co-developed in Shanghai by Global Talent will focus on brining training, best practices and a social media outlet to China's thousands of recruiters and independent recruiters. The site will also enable independent recruiters to access and fully utilize the Talent Alliance and Global Talent recruiting sites, driving capacity to fulfill job orders and revenue. “The Chinese recruiting market is currently growing and there is very limited access to best practices and no place for recruiters to share ideas in a recruiter focused community,” said Jeremy Stobie, CEO of Talent Alliance. “More importantly, China presents a very significant market for independent recruiters who work part time or are not affiliated with a company who wish to either work from home or start their own business.” Talent Alliance plans to complete and launch the initial site by the fourth quarter of this year.

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