Russell Reynolds Associates Names CEO

March 27, 2012 – Clarke Murphy will succeed Matthew Wright as the next president and chief executive officer of global executive search and assessment firm Russell Reynolds Associates. Mr. Murphy has more than 24 years of recruiting experience at the firm, having joined Russell Reynolds in 1988. In 1992, he moved to Frankfurt to help build the firm’s German business before moving to London a year later. In 1998, Mr. Murphy returned to New York and assumed leadership of the firm’s activities in the U.S. and subsequently for the entire Americas region. “Having the right leader and leadership team remains a critical issue for organizations around the world and Clarke is among the foremost ambassadors of this message, having led our firm’s global CEO/board practice for the past five years,” said Mr. Wright. “As a leader, Clarke inspires trust, cooperation and collaboration. He has excelled in helping companies establish robust CEO succession planning processes and in finding exceptional CEOs and board members for clients.”

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