Rise in Turnover Fueled by Job and Career Issues

June 18, 2013 – Employee turnover is on the rise fueled by the improving economy and jobs picture coupled with a pent-up desire by many professionals to reignite careers put on hold during the recession, according a national study by TalentKeepers. TalentKeepers studied over 600 companies for the study. The improving job market is giving people who have been waiting for a chance to change jobs the impetus to move. Fifty-nine percent of U.S. organizations reported job and career factors to be the main reason employees are leaving, while only 25 percent cited poor treatment by leaders, the previous top reason and a widely accepted cause of turnover. The trend is most evident in high-demand job categories like software programmers and business services, and in industries known for employee churn, including retail, food services and contact centers. Gen Y, already estimated to make up over 35 percent of the American workforce, also contributed to the story. “Tech savvy, energetic and hard-working millennials now in the workforce have a strong desire to get on with their careers, wherever that takes them — and loyalty is not part of their makeup,” said TalentKeepers CEO Christopher Mulligan.

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