Renata Fabrini

Founder Partner / Consultant

I have 23+ years experience in Executive Search, initially as a founding partner of Fesa. I led its Financial Services practice in Brazil and Latin America – Retail Banking, Investment Banking, Brokerage, Insurance, Credit Companies, Means of Payment, Private Equity and others, leading projects in financial hotspots worldwide.

I have also worked in the Consumer Goods, Services, Logistics and IT areas, and co-headed the Financial Services Global group at IIC Partners. My first experience in Executive Search was with TASA AG, after working for Citybank as a Human Resources professional, and for Picture Poster, where I coordinated all operations, including trade.

I hold a bachelor degree in psychology, from Rio de Janeiro Catholic University, and an Executive MBA from São Paulo Business School, associated with Toronto University. I did courses in Human Resources management and strategy, as well as a consultant training program, with Adigo, in São Paulo, and a Leadership Program with CTI – Coaches Training Institute, in California.

  • Consumer
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • Private Equity
  • Board/Governance