Luke Wyckoff

Behavioralist & Executive Assessment

Luke Wyckoff spent 13 years at Development Dimensions International (DDI), one of the top behavioral assessment companies in the world. During his tenure at DDI he trained over 3000 executives in behavioral interviewing and worked with F500 CHRO executives on executive succession management and leadership development. Following DDI, Luke joined a Top 5 international Executive Search firm for several years. Since then he has built Social Media Energy and is a sought after keynote speaker for topics ranging from Digital Strategies to Adult Anxiety.

We view Luke as our secret weapon as we’ve yet to meet an executive search firm that encourages the use of a behavioralist during the search and assessment process. Before our slate of finalist candidates are presented to a client, they have also been evaluated and assessed by Luke.

In Luke’s words, “Everyone looks good on paper. I have never seen a resume that says don’t hire me. We work with clients to identify the critical competencies and behaviors that are most important for the open position. The combination of a technical interview and behavioral interview gives our clients a much more well-rounded view of the finalist candidates.”

“We love stories,” says Luke. “Each candidate has a unique experience to them, that helped them get to where they are today. It’s our job to pull the RIGHT stories from their past and showcase to our clients that past behavior is an excellent predictor of future behavior. Getting to why a person does something is more important than a checklist on a resume. When we can share with a client why they would be a great ‘fit’, it takes our executive search offering to the next level.”

Luke is a graduate of Ferris State University and earned an Executive MBA from the University of Colorado Boulder. He’s a musician, a former collegiate rugby player, and a professional photographer.