Jax Willey

Practice Leader - Medical Devices & Medical Device Manufacturers

Jax Willey joins BrainWorks as Practice Leader – Medical Devices – with 8 years of recruiting experience.

Jax built and led a Vermont engineering and medical device recruitment firm from scratch. Her boots-on-the-ground and authentic approach rewarded her with a reputation of trust and as a go-to for filling “impossible” roles.

Jax’s dedication to her clients, commitment to creating strong partnerships, and passion for pointing her efforts towards building teams in impactful industries is the recipe for her success.

Jax became an expert on challenging roles — often involving relocation. She has successfully placed operations directors, plant managers, quality managers, and a niche president role in medical device, life sciences, plastics, and manufacturing. She adopted the “servant leadership” approach from her work with manufacturing companies in a LEAN environment. She loves to dive into topics related to recruiting, always pointing to the empathy, compassion, and human-focus in her work and going above and beyond for her clients to provide advice and solutions to their workforce needs.

Jax views culture and kindness as the most important factors of recruitment; placing or relocating candidates takes a responsibility to both the employers and the candidates and their families. She is motivated by impact and has a contagious passion for working in industries that save lives, whether it’s the latest robotic surgical device or biotherapeutic treatment. Jax has the drive to become an expert on each company and deeply understand her clients’ mission, and to pass that enthusiasm on to candidates.

Jax lives in Northern Vermont in a log cabin in the pines. She is a wife and mom of 2 spirited redheads, a 9-year-old girl and 20-year-old boy. She practices mindfulness and immerses herself in nature on a daily basis and has a passion for researching consciousness and life sciences.