Hamilton Roldan

Director of Client Delivery and Brand Engagement

Hamilton is the Director of Client Delivery and Brand Engagement at WB&B Executive Search. He has a background in marketing and advertising within the entertainment industry which contributes to the firm’s success in partnering with clients across industries to serve as a talent acquisition and D&I partner. In addition to managing client relationships, Hamilton has been instrumental in communicating the mission and vision to WB&B’s networks and centers of influence through branded content and strategic positioning. During his tenure at the firm, he has successfully implemented an applicant tracking system and candidate relationship management tool that has significantly impacted WB&B’s client delivery methodology.

To further his relationship building expertise, Hamilton has worked across industries on several executive placement assignments and talent mapping projects for clients. The firm’s recent successes in filling very niche roles for clients has been a byproduct of his efforts in identifying high performers viable from both a technical skillset as well as cultural alignment across an array of industries inclusive of aerospace and defense, consumer packaged goods, and entertainment.

Hamilton received his Bachelors of Science in Marketing from The University of Scranton.