Finn Gjersøe


Educated as a mechanical engineer, I started my career in the plastics business, but my love of working with people and process led me to change direction. Over the last 20 years I have been fortunate to enjoy working in senior HR positions in large multinationals including Dow, Sun, Alpharma and E&Y, spanning chemicals, plastics, pharma and consulting sectors.

I understand how critical it is for leadership teams to engage their organisations. Leadership and engagement became my focus when I began consulting in 2006. Since then, my book on leadership team development has become the practical reference to working with leadership teams, where all too often tensions and ambitions block inherent synergies and prevent success.

My energies go to leadership team development, and personal coaching. I have a solid understanding of current practices, and use these in a pragmatic, warm and engaging way. Observing groups improve cooperation and produce better results, really motivates me and encourages me to do more.

I warm to the challenges of personal leadership, to turnarounds with integrity, and to finding ways to mobilise engagement in organisations.

Based in Helsingør just north of Copenhagen, I reside in the center of the Øresund Pharma cluster.