Overcoming the Challenges of Remote Work

August 5, 2021 – Remote work being the new normal is posing new challenges for local companies. With the ability to work from almost anywhere, diverse talent and highly skilled professionals are being outsourced to companies all over the globe. Talent acquisition professionals are seeing large brands such as Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and Starbucks converting traditionally onsite positions to remote. Local businesses could be losing their local talent to global enterprises because of this change.

“Although remote work provides employees with the benefits of a more flexible working environment and a better chance at securing their dream job, the competitive online space can make it hard to secure a position,” said Talento Human Capital Management (TalentoHCM) in a new report.

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The pandemic caused an unprecedented disruption to executive search activity in 2020. Executive recruiters spent the better part of last year resetting expectations in the midst of an unprecedented interruption to their business. But according to recruiting industry leaders interviewed for this report, the search business is turning a significant corner.

We take a critical look back, examine search firm performance, and uncover fresh market opportunities. Leading executive recruiters offer up their viewpoints, and forecasts, for 2021. The good news: optimism reigns. And that means we could be in for one of the biggest growth spurts the executive search sector has enjoyed in years. Here’s our latest thinking. A special thanks to our co-sponsor: N2GrowthBuy your copy today!

“Employers are also having a difficult time enticing the right people to apply,” said the Coral Gables, FL-based executive recruitment firm. When seeking these highly skilled candidates, it’s crucial to focus on proper compensation and benefits, as well as how to improve remote working conditions. “Applicants are likely to be applying for similar roles as they’re seeking out the advantages that remote work offers over onsite roles,” the firm said. “This is a variable that was not at the forefront of decision-making when applying before. It’s important now more than ever before to offer flexibility to work from home when bringing in new talent.”

Hiring the right talent that aligns with your company’s culture and mission ensures success on both sides of the relationship. Having the support of recruiting companies like TalentoHCM, said the firm, can help create a more holistic talent acquisition strategy during these competitive hiring times. TalentoHCM, for example, focuses on identifying the right talent through the context of your business by using a 10-step methodology.

Full Understanding  

TalentoHCM recruiters begin their initial meeting to gain a full understanding around organizational context, critical requirements for the role, core expectations for the candidate, and to set delivery expectations with the customer. “Here is where they identify what the core objectives are for the overall business, core responsibilities, critical requirements and preferred qualifications,” said TalentoHCM.

Statistics show that bringing on remote workers is causing hiring issues in many industries. These include a major influx of applicants due to the removal of a single location and testing for new required skills from remote workers such as self-management. “Despite these challenges it also holds benefits for both organizations and new hires,” said TalentoHCM. “Remote working positions enable businesses to diversify skills that may have been hard to find in a specific location, which can also minimize overhead costs.”

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Remote work is a highly competitive market for both hiring managers and applicants. “Outsourcing the hiring process will cut down on time taken weeding out the unqualified candidates and refocus on the right talent for you,” said the TalentoHCM report.

A Strong Culture  

Research shows that only 14 percent of CEOs today have the essential “leadership talent” needed to expand their business, according to the firm. “Having a strong company culture that you can showcase is going to help find equally strong candidates that align with your brand mission,” Talento said. “Employer branding is one way to transform efforts in the area of talent and acquisition and bring top talent to your organization. So, it is essential to make sure to highlight your approach, values, and expectations to attract the right workers.”

Having an online presence is crucial. Having a social media presence that reflects your company culture is invaluable for your target audience. “However, when hiring new talent nowadays, they will more likely be looking to LinkedIn for current employee comments and reviews, and other employee review sites,” said TalentoHCM. “Treating your employees right and compensating them fairly, in alignment with both sides’ values, is going to attract candidates that feel as though they are a good match.”

Founded in 2017. Talento Human Capital Management provides talent and organizational solutions to help businesses evolve beyond tactical human resources management. Talento’s recruiting division provides customized talent acquisition solutions by aligning the right talent through what the firm calls “an industry changing client experience model.” The firm’s experience ranges across numerous industries, including security; mining; engineering; oil and gas; industrial; telecommunications; hospitality, restaurants and travel; technology; agriculture; insurance; real estate; energy; healthcare and life sciences; media and entertainment; professional services; aviation; defense; and financial services.

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Contributed by Scott A. Scanlon, Editor-in-Chief; Dale M. Zupsansky, Managing Editor; and Stephen Sawicki, Managing Editor – Hunt Scanlon Media

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