MBA Recruitment Platform Welcomes Executive Search Firms

July 1, 2009 – Online MBA recruitment platform has opened its service to executive search firms, following a recent demand from members and recruiters alike. The move means that 15 search firms will join the site’s 60+ recruiting companies and that candidates will be exposed to even more opportunities around the world. One firm that joined is CDS Executive, a Japanese-based firm that recruits for companies including Google, Cisco, GAP and Goldman Sachs. “Japan is suffering its worst economic crisis since World War II so it is even more vital that MBA’s network effectively using their alumni contacts as well as aligning themselves with search firms and the relevant consultants within them,” said Simon Childs, managing director of CDS Executive “ looks like a very promising tool and the first such one, focused on MBA’s, we have seen in Japan.” Martin McEvoy, managing director of Dublin-based McEvoy Associates Signium International who also joined the network, added: “Ultimately, we would like to see become a repository for global MBA talent.” McEvoy Associates Signium International has completed executive search assignments for over 30 percent of Ireland’s top 100 companies. is an exclusive recruitment marketplace that offers MBAs confidential exposure to senior management positions.

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