Manpower Selected by Austrialian Defense Force

January 3, 2010 – Manpower Inc. has announced that the Australian Defense Force (ADF) selected Manpower to lead its outcome-based recruiting services program. Delivering the largest and most complex Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) program in the world, Manpower will manage ADF's complete recruitment-process life cycle as a seamless extension of the company's human resources department. “We take very seriously the workforce strategy challenges that our clients face, and finding the talent that an organization needs is what we do best,” said Lincoln Crawley, Managing Director, Manpower Australia & New Zealand. “We are proud of the confidence that the ADF has instilled in Manpower to manage this critical function at such a critical time.” Providing ADF end-to-end recruitment services from marketing and promotion to on-boarding, Manpower will improve ADF's efficiency, reducing the cost and time to fill position vacancies and enable the Defence Force to focus on achieving its primary objectives. Under the $200 million contract, Manpower will employ approximately 300 staff over the next 27 months. The transition period will begin immediately and continue until the February launch of the formal program.

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