Managerial Hiring Improves to Five-Year High

May 31, 2013 – Managerial hiring in May improved to a five-year high, and regions sorely needing good job market news got it, according to the Employment Index, which measures managerial recruitment activity online. A 3.5-point gain bumped the index to 118.4, its all-time high since its introduction in 2008. The current score is also 20.9 points above its level of a year ago. Two of the past three months have yielded impressive managerial employment gains, and every month of 2013 with the exception of April has shown month-to-month improvement. The metro areas with the most hiring gains in May were Seattle (+14 percent), Phoenix (+12 percent) and Dallas, Houston and Denver, each with a gain of (+11 percent). The biggest loser was Memphis, with a loss of12 percent. “The positive trend before summer deviates from precedent,” noted Tony Lee, publisher, “During each of the past three years, May employment numbers have dropped.” This year’s gains are the first in May since 2009, when the job market was reeling at the height of the economic recession.

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