Kennedy Information Folds Executive Recruiter News

January 28, 2010 – Fitzwilliam, N.H.-based publisher Kennedy Information LLC has ceased publication of its long running newsletter Executive Recruiter News (ERN), conceived by recruiting industry watcher Jim Kennedy in the 1970s. “Jim was a public relations executive at the time and he sought a simpler life away from the hustle of the big city, and identified the fledgling field of executive search as a potential means to set up a small reporting business to support his family,” said Scott A. Scanlon, a long time nemesis of Mr. Kennedy. The two editors often tangled after Mr. Scanlon offered a competing newsletter beginning in 1989. “From the outset Jim took to a take-no-prisoners reporting style – some called him a muckraker, others likened him to the hard-nosed, independent country reporter that he was – but in the process Mr. Kennedy built a small publishing empire that included other newsletters, a series of directories, and a large bookstore housed in a barn that specialized in the employment and career fields,” added Mr. Scanlon. Mr. Kennedy sold his publishing business over a decade ago to a small group of investment specialists. They in turn sold the business to a Washington, D.C.-based publisher. “Serving the search industry has brought great satisfaction over the years,” said Brad Smith, Kennedy Information chief operating officer.

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