InterSearch Adds Consultants in Denmark

December 21, 2009 – InterSearch Worldwide’s Denmark partner, Hedegaard InterSearch, has added Frank Henriksen and Per Munch as consultants. After 25 years in managerial positions in large Danish and international companies, Mr. Henriksen has obtained significant business experience and a large network within top management in the Danish business community. He also has experience in management consulting, strategy, organizational development and search and selection. Mr. Henriksen formerly served as managing director at Thorn EMI. Mr. Munch has a significant network in the Danish business community. He undertakes assignments for banks, mortgage institutions, insurance, retirement funds, real estate companies, accounting and law firms as well as building contractors. He formerly served as a consultant at Kjelst Executive Search Group. “We have taken advantage of the rather grim situation at some of our competitors here in Denmark to strengthen our organization. I have not seen the Danish recruiting market as low as in 2009 during my 25 years in the business. Looked at from our point of view it is not all bad as the weaker firms disappear from the marketplace and only the strong firms with a good financial foundation and a good reputation survive,” said Per Hedegaard, managing partner of InterSearch Denmark. Established in 1989, InterSearch is a global network of executive search firms with 90 offices in 45 countries.

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