Financial Services

The financial industry is under constant threat of changing or increasing regulations—putting a premium on those with intimate knowledge of the financial sector—and its dealings with Washington. As a firm, Lochlin Partners has broad-based experience in both consumer and institutional market segments. We have conducted searches in consumer banking, insurance, real estate, credit cards, and asset management for large, multinational corporations, as well as small-to-medium-sized institutions. And we have deep expertise in public policy and government affairs. We understand that there is an exceptionally competitive market for talent in financial services. Every firm is looking for the “best athletes” who can make a bottom-line difference as the very nature of the industry continues to evolve. We also recognize our clients’ emphasis on social responsibility in the job description. The candidates we find must be persons of high integrity who will be stewards of their firms and of the financial system as a whole.

Practice members

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