Federal Reserve Bank of New York Launches Search for Chief Diversity Officer

October 29, 2020 – The Federal Reserve Bank of New York has retained Chicago-based Hanold Associates to lead its search for the organization’s first chief diversity, equity, and inclusion officer. Keri Gavin, Sandra Peña, Jason Hanold and Katrina Prospero are leading the assignment.

“We are honored to serve an organization that is playing such a vital role in our economy and collective well-being, while searching for such a critical role,” said Mr. Hanold. “In partnering with CHRO Lacey Dingman, this leader will be crucial in helping to transform the organization, and in influencing the equity and inclusion in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s evolving culture.”

The chief diversity, equity and inclusion officer is a newly-created, mission-critical role in the Federal Reserve Bank of NY. The role involves oversight of all diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) programs throughout the bank, the largest in the Federal Reserve System.

“Working at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York positions you at the center of the financial world with a unique perspective on national and international markets and economies,” Mr. Hanold said. “The incoming leader will work in an environment with a diverse group of experienced professionals to foster and support the safety, soundness, and vitality of our economic and financial systems. It is a challenge that demands the skills of a financial service professional and the intelligence of an academic—all combined with a passion for public service.”

“As chief diversity, equity, and inclusion officer, candidates will bring the capacity to lead change by informing, influencing and inspiring others, with passion and values focused on people, inclusion, engagement and culture,” said the search firm. “Qualified candidates will be non-traditional leaders who can drive transformation & change and unlock balanced leadership to accelerate performance throughout the organization.”

Hanold Associates is looking for candidates who have a proven track record of driving organizational culture change, and leading others to understand, commit to and consistently communicate the value of inclusion, diversity, belonging and equity. The right executive will possess a passion for and a commitment to DE&I with experience in developing and implementing unique and nontraditional DE&I strategies. In addition, they should have strong collaboration skills, a focus on positive intent and an interest in ensuring strong relationships. An ability to partner effectively with others in the pursuit of common goals is also essential.

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