Executive-Jobs-London.co.uk Launches New Site

December 1, 2010 – Executive-Jobs-London.co.uk has been created focusing on high-earners based in Greater London and the M4 corridor. The subscription-free site provides high profile candidates with access to the best job opportunities while giving companies and recruiters a job-advertising platform to attract executive candidates. The site will cover appointments in inner London, including City of London, Canary Wharf incorporating other outlying business districts, and outer London, including the M4 corridor. “The growth in the executive search specialist market is being buoyed by the slowing down of the recession and we are best placed to offer this service in and around the capital where most of the top earning jobs are,” said Nicole Ghiani, managing director, Executive-Jobs-London. “We provide high profile candidates the best selection of jobs with the right salaries and equally give companies and recruiters access to the best executive candidates. By concentrating in this region we will have a better local knowledge than other organizations as we will be at the heart of where the premium salaries are and the demand for candidates that match these roles is at its highest.”

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