Evolving the Conversation Around Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

DE&I is taking on broader connotations, now including equality and belonging – signaling a change in both organizational culture and workforce expectations. They are all connected, but not interchangeable, according to Ruben Moreno from Blue Rock Search. Next Monday, the search firm launches a new webcast examining how organizations can take a more holistic approach to achieving the DE&I goals we all seek. Joining the discussion are chief diversity officers from Adobe and Micron Technology.

November 11, 2021 – Diversity, equity and inclusion are three concepts that are connected but not interchangeable, which is why it is important to touch on all three, according to Ruben Moreno, HR practice lead for Blue Rock Search. “Diversity is about heterogeneity, where a group intentionally has many different perspectives, backgrounds and experiences,” Mr. Moreno said. “Equity is an approach to fairness that takes into account that different people or groups start in different places, rather than just treating everyone the same without regard for different circumstances. Inclusion is about how well a group, or an organization, does with ensuring that different people can truly belong and feel welcome. Together, these three traits form a more holistic view of how to achieve the goals we’re aiming for,” he said.

A new webcast next Monday supported by Hunt Scanlon Media will feature a panel of top diversity leaders who will examine how DE&I is expanding – and why this signals a change in both organizational culture and workforce expectations. ‘Evolving the Conversation Around DE&I’ will offer the latest thinking from experts in the field and explore changing attitudes to diversity in the workplace.

The Speakers

Among the webcast speakers, Brian Miller is chief talent, diversity & inclusion officer of Adobe, where he works to unlock the full potential of the organization’s employees, while ensuring that differences are valued and people feel connected, developed, and respected. “Adobe and I are investing in the belief that creativity, curiosity and individual expression will be anchors of innovation,” he said. This approach supported 300 percent employee growth at his former gig as VP of talent, development and inclusion at Gilead Sciences, where he spent the last decade before joining Adobe in August.

Also sharing her insights on the panel is Sharawn Connors Tipton, who serves as chief diversity and inclusion officer at Micron Technology. Ms. Tipton drives DE&I strategy, high-impact initiatives, and operations to maximize shareholder value and attain her organization’s business goals. She is known as a passionate, solutions-oriented leader and will bring her perspectives and wisdom based on more than two decades in the field. Ms. Connors serves as a board advisor for College Track-Oakland and as a mentor to first generation and underrepresented college students. She is an advocate for affordable housing and quality elder care for underrepresented groups in her hometown, Oakland, CA.

“These game-changing practitioners have made decisions positively affecting thousands of people at multiple levels throughout their careers, and they will share their insights about what is happening now, changing attitudes to language about DE&I, and what that means for both executive search and the world beyond,” said Ruben Moreno, who specializes in the identification, assessment, recruitment, and onboarding of chief HR officers and their teams.

As a subject matter expert and highly specialized executive recruiter, Mr. Moreno has partnered with his clients to identify, assess, and recruit HR leadership talent for over a decade. He has helped place hundreds of HR professionals and built deep relationships within the HR executive community across multiple industry verticals.

Join Blue Rock Search on November 15th for an interactive webinar supported by Hunt Scanlon Media. The session will focus on ‘Evolving the Conversation Around DE&I’ examining how DE&I is expanding to touch equality, equity, and belonging and why this signals a change in both organizational culture and workforce expectations. Moderated by Ruben Moreno of Blue Rock Search, this is a great opportunity to hear first-hand from some of the key players on the frontlines of transformation. They will share valuable insights into what is happening and how they see the changing attitudes to language about DE&I, and what that means for executive search and beyond. 

Blue Rock Search will be joined by panelists:

  • Brian Miller, Chief Talent, Diversity and Inclusion Officer at Adobe
  • Sharawn Connors Tipton, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at Micron Technology

There will be an opportunity for audience members to ask their questions to panel members. Join the conversation.

Attendance is free. To learn more and register to attend, click here!

Topics to be Discussed

A number of questions will be answered during the webcast, including: Looking back at the past decade, where have organizations made strides – and where have they missed opportunities? Why have CHROs and diversity leaders started to talk about the importance of belonging? Has the ‘Great Resignation’ played a role in bringing focus to belonging as a necessary part of cultural advancement? What resonates with leadership today when DE&I is discussed? What matters to employees? And are there disconnects? How does the conversation about DE&I link to business goals? Have companies come to the realization that a diverse, inclusive and equitable company is good for the bottom line?

“Attendees will hear firsthand accounts and insights from two top leaders in DE&I, discussing some of the most pressing questions in front of us today,” said Mr. Moreno. “The guest speakers will discuss the past decade’s biggest strides, as well as missed opportunities. We’ll also hear about the rise of belonging as a central concept, from general concerns to its specific connection to the ‘Great Resignation.’

Mr. Moreno noted that the webcast will tackle issues of DE&I at both the leadership and employee level. “What’s being talked about at each level, and where do those priorities conflict or overlap? Our speakers will discuss the connection between DE&I and business goals, and how DE&I can have an impact on the bottom line.” There also will be an opportunity for audience members to put their questions to panel members, said Mr. Moreno.

“There truly are enormous benefits when organizations follow through on improving DE&I practices,” said Mr. Moreno. “These changes can lead to a greater sense of belonging (which in turn improves engagement and loyalty), empower employees at all levels of the company, invite more perspectives and innovation, and build a corporate culture that more accurately reflects the world we live in,” he added.

“In the executive search world, we are of course recruiting talent for roles that are specifically focused on DE&I, but that’s not the only focus,” Mr. Moreno said. “It is also important to seek out transformative leaders in all areas, and not just pigeonhole candidates into DE&I-centric roles. In recent years, studies have shown that, in leadership and executive positions particularly, the population is not accurately reflected in the demographics of these jobs. Change is happening, but it will take time and sustained effort to get there.”

Join us Monday, Nov. 15 at 11am EST to listen in – attendance is free! To register for this event, click here!

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Contributed by Scott A. Scanlon, Editor-in-Chief; Dale M. Zupsansky, Managing Editor; and Stephen Sawicki, Managing Editor – Hunt Scanlon Media

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