About Us

TI Verbatim Consulting’s (TIVC) mission is to help people work better together. We believe that the workplace is more than just where humans fulfill their obligations – it is where personal and collective development take place. Our solutions are focused on Human Enterprise Optimization through core competencies in Organizational Optimization, Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, & Accessibility (IDEA),  and Training and Development.

  • Organizational Optimization: Organizational culture consists of formal and informal values, beliefs, assumptions, and opinions. TIVC creates the foundation for aligning an organization’s culture with its strategic objectives. An optimal culture creates high employee satisfaction, enhances company reputation, and attracts top talent. We offer culture and climate assessments, barrier analysis, and workplace evaluations to produce data driven solutions.
  • IDEA: TIVC takes an inclusion first approach to DEI services. An inclusion first approach focuses on making people count, not just counting people. We move beyond checking a box to leveraging diversity to create innovative climates where all members of a team can reach their potential and create a culture of belonging. We collaborate with clients to identify where they are on their Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) journey and then creates a specific, tailored action plan to support their needs. We provide customized solutions within three focus areas, Policy, Awareness, and Behavior.

  • Training and Development: Using an Integration of universal design and adult learning methodologies TIVC has developed 3-Phased Training Programs: (1) Consultation, (2) Training, and (3) Implementation focused on translation of awareness to application through Sustaining Behaviors. We also offer coaching and EQ and EQ-360 emotional intelligence assessments.

Solutions And Expertise

DE+I Programs for Sustainable Results
Shaping a more inclusive workforce develops your organization’s identity, enhances employee engagement, and increases positive customer experiences. With the help of our experts, we will establish key performance indicators to identify your strengths and areas for improvement. In the end, you will have an effective DEI program that leads to long-standing results.

Lets optimize culture together
Optimal culture isn’t just about all-company meetings or one-on-ones. It’s about aligning your company’s culture with your strategic objectives and creating a fully satisfactory place of work—for everyone. Let’s build a culture that creates high employee satisfaction, enhances your company’s reputation, and attracts (and keeps) top talent.

We train the leaders of tomorrow
Our passion for cultivating great leaders runs deep. We design and facilitate personalized training and fully develop leaders in specific areas to help them accomplish their respective missions.

Stay connected with your people
Stable communication with your stakeholders ensures long-term support and engagement. Our team works closely with you to improve your creative capabilities and offers a new and fresh perspective to your business strategy.

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News Briefings

Integrating Cultural Humility into the Coaching Process

Building a positive workplace culture has become one of the top priorities for organizations around the world. Since the pandemic, many employers have focused on building workplace environments in which their employees can feel safe, engaged, inspired, and productive. According to human capital experts and talent industry leaders, it is positive workplace culture that now

Operationalizing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Through Psychological Safety

Psychological safety, specifically in the workplace, is a shared belief by a team or group of people that that they are safe to express their individuality of self, thought, and expression. “This fostered belief allows team members to contribute, offer perspectives, and even make mistakes without fear of negative consequences,” said Justin Clark, COO of

Psychological Safety: A Foundation for an Inclusive Workplace

Many business leaders are referring to the past year as “The Great DEI Resignation” as hordes of chief diversity officers and DEI leaders are quitting their roles or being pushed out – a result of insufficient buy in from colleagues and other leaders, or budget constraints. As a result, it is important to reassess the

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