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Tempting Talent partners with Recruitment & Executive Search businesses to hire the best revenue generating talent, improve diversity, and identify new commercial opportunities.

Revenue-Generating Talent

Whether you need to hire now, or want to build a long-term talent attraction engine, we have the expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Tempting Talent exclusively works with top 10% revenue generating talent in the Recruitment & Executive Industry in America. Our expert consultants have established relationships in the following specialisms:

  • Financial Services & Professional Services
  • Technology & Engineering
  • Life Sciences & Healthcare

Improve Diversity

Building a diverse & inclusive company is not just the ‘right thing to do’, it is crucial to achieve long-term, sustainable business growth.

We practice what we preach and can help you improve your diversity from entry and board level, as well as embed initiatives to make this in an intrinsic part of your day to day operations.

Identify New Commercial Opportunities

Why go blind when entering a new sector or geography, or building a new product or service?

We have insight from hundreds of Recruitment & Executive Search businesses that have already succeeded or failed at what you are trying to do.

Leverage our market expertise to make smart decisions when building your business in:

  • New geographies & specialisms
  • Productizing your offering
  • Statements-of-work/consulting


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Launched in 2017 and backed by the industry’s leading Venture Capital firm, we are passionate about being the best in the world at what we do. This means being the go-to partner for the world’s most respected Staffing and Executive Search professionals and CEOs.

We judge our progress on the value that we are adding to our clients alongside our candidates’ businesses and lives

Solutions And Expertise

Let us help you make the best decision for your career.

We work with the top 10% of people within the Staffing and Executive Search Industry, to help you secure the best new opportunities in North America.

We have developed a proven process that will take you from the initial call through to securing you an exciting new role and building a lasting relationship with you.

  • Advisory Services
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Executive Search
  • On-Demand Recruiting
  • Consulting
  • Executive Search
  • Recruitment to Recruitment
  • Marketing & Sales

News Briefings

Disruption in Financial Services Presents Big Opportunities for Recruiters 

The profile of modern financial services leaders continues to shift amid the sector’s renewed focus on customers for revenue growth, service digitalization, a renewed focus on risk management, and increasing investor and regulatory scrutiny, according to executive recruiters. The COVID-19 crisis has only heightened the need for top talent that has the ability to pivot

Tempting Talent Reveals Wide Gender Pay Gap Across U.S. Executive Search Sector

Tempting Talent’s USA Executive Search & Recruitment Compensation Report for 2021 reveals a gender pay gap of up to 41 percent across the U.S. executive search and recruitment industry. The aim of the report, said the consultancy, is to make the industry more transparent and help business owners by offering insights into issues like gender

Executive Search Tops Contingent Recruitment in Salary

Between executive search and contingent recruitment, there is an incremental increase in salary in relation to years’ experience, according to Tempting Talent’s USA Executive Search & Recruitment Compensation Report for 2021. “This compensation report is an important step towards making our industry more transparent,” said Ryan Cleland-Bogle, founder of Tempting Ventures, a recruitment-focused venture capital firm.

How To Build Team Culture, Remotely

When the pandemic hit last year, no one could have foreseen the changes that would happen to the workplace. Recruitment has a reputation for presenteeism and a big reliance on KPIs. Morning meetings are a staple, with day plans, standing team meetings and daily goal setting. When lockdowns came into force, this all changed. Thousands


Talent Talk's Podcast

Strong Delivery Teams Required for Successful Search Firms

In this brand new episode of ‘Talent Talks,’ Hunt Scanlon Media host, Rob Adams, is joined by Nicholas MacDonald, managing principal & head of U.S. operations at Tempting Talent.  Mr. MacDonald joins the show to take an in-depth look at why strong delivery teams are so important and how delivery teams were impacted by COVID-19.