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Since 1991 IMSA Search Global Partners carry out recruitment basing on executive search, in order to identify the best C-level professionals on a local and global markets, and to enable the Clients to reach their strategic and operational targets. IMSA Search work closely with international accounts to help them build effective business across the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia/Pacific.

The firm’s clients entrust them with their most important, sensitive and confidential management problems. IMSA Search respects this trust and place their interests above all by pooling skills and resources for the clients’ benefit.

IMSA Search views its mission as increasing the corporate community’s productivity and effectiveness by offering its clients a systematic management consulting approach to executive search and selection.

Their values speak about who they are: having high standards of quality and ethics, managing recruitment projects with passion and dedication, working in partnership of professional maturity and last, but not least identifying with the statement – failure, is not an option.


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Executive search and selection requires the application of a rigorous methodology, and a comprehensive approach taking into account and targeting across such factors as specific competitors, industry, job function, management style and future potential. IMSA differentiates itself by offering clients a “hands-on,” timely and cost effective approach that emphasizes client communication and learning, process management and quality control.

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IMSA Search Global Partners, combine to carry out recruitment through Executive Search to identify the best professional executives, nationally and internationally, to enable your business to reach its strategic and operational targets. IMSA partners coordinate to work closely with your business to help you build across the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia/Pacific.

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News Briefings

IMSA Expands Board to Strengthen Presence in North America and Latin America

Executive search network IMSA Search Global Partners has elected Mitchell Berger to its board of directors. He has also been appointed regional director for North America and Latin America. In his new role, Mr. Berger will concentrate on further building IMSA Search’s presence in these regions. “Mitch’s deep knowledge of executive search and his enthusiasm for IMSA

Hunt Scanlon’s Top 10 Stories on the Global Pandemic and its Impact on Recruiting

For an industry that is all too familiar with the reality of economic downturns, confronting the COVID-19 pandemic has been unlike any other crisis in memory. Executive recruiting leaders say they have no idea this time around how extensive or long lasting the damage will be, never mind when business will return to normal. A

Pandemic Changes CHRO Role for Good

The coronavirus pandemic has transformed C-suites all over the world. But for the role of chief human resources officer, the changes have been revolutionary. A new report from IMSA Search examines how the COVID-19 crisis has demanded new capabilities and duties for chief HR officers. It’s conclusion: the role of CHROs shouldn’t be overestimated. “At a time when new risks and

How C-Level Managers Are Looking for Jobs

COVID-19 took everyone by surprise, wreaking havoc not only in terms of health, but also in terms of work. Only a few months back, business leaders were making strategic decisions about their company’s development and outlined competencies to be filled in recruitment processes. Today, in many industries, strategic decisions are still being made, but they

Press Releases

How to manage your employees’ emotional health after the lockdown?

May 25, 2020 – Their employees’ emotional health should be the central concern for any C-suite manager and business owner. IMSA Search experts recommend these 5 steps to improve the well-being of staff. “How long can you follow social distancing protocol and the lockdown before your emotional or mental health will suffer,” Gallup asked in

How to Stay Strong? Business Under Coronavirus Threat

April 16, 2020 – Coronavirus side-effects for the companies: costs cutting, rethinking the supply chains, reshaping the business models. What the managers need to handle the challenges? IMSA Search investigates business in the times of Covid-19. The Economy is facing a major turbulence. According to BBC, more than 50 countries have cut interest rates in

Hiring Freeze Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them in 5 Steps

April 2, 2020 – The COVID-19 health crisis has shaken many companies and industries lately. Nobody imagined that their supply chain could be severely affected overnight, and/or their sales could plunge by up to 80%. Article by Lizette Ibarra, IMSA Mexico Obviously, one of the first consequences is personnel reduction, and many companies choose to

Combatting Bias. How to Make Sure Your Recruitment Process is Objective?

Companies fail to choose the candidate with the right talent for management positions 82% of the time. Why? Because of biased hiring process. How to make sure that this doesn’t happen to you? The executive search process should be bias-proof. Non-HR specialists will argue with that statement. As executive search specialists, it is our job

The Glass Ceiling and The Top Management Positions. Are We Going to Crack It?

November 27, 2019 – How to make the world of top management more gender equal and why it’s good for the economy. We speak with three women, CEO’s who lead IMSA Search global network in Italy, Mexico and Kenya. Neither the world, nor the labour market are gender equal. Is it going to change soon?


In the Media

Head-hunting with awareness – Sipral from the Czech Republic
How to find a perfect candidate whilst the aggressive battle for talents on the local market rages on? Empathy and thoughtfulness may be the best strategy, as the case of Czech company Sipral shows.

IMSA Italy supports Brandon Group in the appointment of CEO
BRANDON GROUP asked IMSA Italy to perform an executive market mapping in order to identify the new chief executive officer. As a result, Ilaria Tiezzi was chosen as the new chief executive officer.

IMSA Search Report on Executive Trends 2019
What will shape the C-level top talents global workspace and work environment in 2019? Mediating between Millennials, digital nomads, top talents from different cultures?

IMSA Netherlands, IMSA Belgium and IMSA Switzerland Help Elpro-Buchs AG Build Leadership Team in the Benelux Region. IMSA Netherlands was selected for the assignment thanks to its relationship via the IMSA network with Swiss partner IMSA…

THE CHANGE Episode 01: Maciej Skalski
“Dive in headfirst. Especially, if you are afraid. Only in this way you can overcome your fears” says Maciej Skalski, the first top talent manager we feature in our new project: THE CHANGE.

Knowledge is our business: IMSA Fall Meeting 2018
IMSA Search Global Partners expands to new countries – Norway, Denmark and USA. The participants of the IMSA Fall Meeting in Mechelen, Belgium, were sharing knowledge and best practices in searching and attracting candidates…


Episode 01: THE CHANGE – Maciej Skalski
Partners of IMSA
IMSA Spring Meeting 2017 / Marseilles