Frederickson Partners, a Gallagher company recruits high impact executive talent and the next generation of leaders for innovative employers around the world. Frederickson’s strategic and thoughtful approach enables it to match growth-stage startups, thought-leading mission-based organizations and think tanks, tech unicorns, and Fortune 500 enterprises with world-class executive leaders.

As a leading People/HR executive search and advisory firm since 1997. Frederickson Partners has established relationships with over 20,000 rising and established People and HR executives worldwide, in addition to CEOs, board members and C-suite executives across all divisions. Now, a part of Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., Frederickson now recruits executive talent for the entire C-suite.

Frederickson Partners has locations in dozens of cities and locations across the U.S. including San Francisco, Silicon Valley, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta and Nashville, and serves global tech hubs including London, Berlin, Paris, Mexico City, Bogota, Seoul and São Paulo. Clients include Alphabet, Creative Artists Agency (CAA), Fitbit, Gartner, Gilead, Intel, Intuit, Lyft, Nieman Marcus, Pinterest, Qualtrics, Roche, SoFi, The Nature Conservancy, Twitter, Uber, Waymo and Workday.

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No one is more effective at helping innovative companies find top executive talent. Frederickson Partners, a Gallagher company, are experts in C-suite and senior leader executive search, specializing in placing human resources, finance, legal and go-to-market executives.  Frederickson maintains an extensive network of more than 20,000 executives and leaders around the world. As a 28-year specialist in People and HR executive search, Frederickson can partner with you across every HR function, including Talent Acquisition, Total Rewards, Learning & Development, People Analytics, Business Partners, Operations and Diversity & Inclusion.

To learn more or connect with an executive search consultant, contact us at https://www.fredericksonpartners.com/contact-us.

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When we started in 1995 as Valerie Frederickson & Company, our goal was simple: to empower companies to improve flexibility with workforce planning by helping them humanely and quickly transition their former valued employees, and reduce post-termination employment litigation risk. Over the next twenty years, our growing network of HR professionals and their evolving needs resulted in the addition of new capabilities, including executive search for HR, Board Services, People Operations, Culture, Diversity, Talent Acquisition, and Business Partners; leadership development and executive coaching; compensation consulting; recruiting assessments; on-call startup HR consulting.

  • Advisory Services
  • Assessment
  • Board Services
  • Career Services
  • Culture Shaping
  • Data Analy./Mrkt. Intell.
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Executive Coaching
  • Executive Search
  • Interim
  • Leadership Consulting
  • Leadership Develop.
  • Mgmt. Consulting
  • Onboarding
  • Org. Chart Mapping
  • Outplacement
  • Succession Planning
  • Temporary Staffing
  • Workplace Mgmt.
  • Advertising/Marketing
  • Aerospace/Defense
  • Agriculture
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  • Chemicals
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News Briefings

Frederickson Partners Recruits Interim Chief People Officer for SeekOut

Many changes in the workplace today are making it hard for companies to find and retain top senior-level talent. This has caused more organizations to look to interim leaders to fill talent gaps. Global HR search firm Frederickson Partners recently assisted in the recruitment of Katie Coupe as the new interim chief people officer of talent intelligence platform

Corporate Culture & Talent: Navigating the New Norms

The keys to unlocking a successful corporate culture are predicated upon how leaders in organizations perceive culture as a top priority. Most senior leaders agree that a healthy company culture is a basic component of any successful organization. It lays the groundwork for strong employee engagement, retention, and performance. In today’s rapidly evolving professional landscape,

Frederickson Partners Fills Top HR Post for July Business Services

Global HR search firm Frederickson Partners has placed Ginger H. Gibbs as the new senior vice president of human resources at July Business Services in Waco, TX. “We are thrilled to have Ginger join JULY as our senior vice president of human resources during this exciting period of growth,” said John Humphrey, CEO of JULY. “Ginger’s wealth of

Frederickson Partners Recruits Chief People Officer for Proofpoint

Global HR search firm Frederickson Partners has recruited Kim Sullivan as chief people officer for Proofpoint, a cybersecurity and compliance solutions provider. In her role, Ms. Sullivan will lead the global human resources organization in driving business growth through strategic HR programs. She will report to the CEO, Sumit Dhawan. Ms. Sullivan brings more than 25 years of experience

Press Releases

Talent Intelligence Pioneer SeekOut Hires Katie Coupe as Interim Chief People Officer

SeekOut, a leading Talent Intelligence Platform, has appointed Katie Coupe as Interim Chief People Officer (CPO). SeekOut partnered with Frederickson Partners, a Gallagher company, on the executive search. As Interim CPO, Katie will spearhead human resources (HR) initiatives, bringing passion, maturity, and a hands-on approach to the role to inspire the broader organization. She will

Kyverna Therapeutics, Top Cell Therapy Company, Hires Portia Serame as Vice President of Human Resources

Kyverna Therapeutics, a clinical-stage cell therapy company with the mission of engineering a new class of therapies for autoimmune diseases, has appointed Portia Serame as vice president (VP) of human resources (HR). Kyverna Therapeutics partnered with Frederickson Partners on the executive search. In her role as VP of HR, Portia will help Kyverna scale the organization,

7 Ways to Boost Your Diversity Recruiting Strategy

MAY 2023 With recent, rising pressure from social justice movements, greater media attention and growing scrutiny by the public, organizations are paying attention to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the workforce. Data from HBR shows that having exemplary DEI initiatives and inclusive leadership significantly enhances team productivity and company performance. While business leaders are recognizing the

Academy of Art University, Largest Accredited Private Art and Design University in the U.S., Hires Ramin Daoud as Vice President of Human Resources

Academy of Art University, fostering innovation through a faculty of current industry professionals, state-of-the-art facilities and curriculum in multiple areas of study, has appointed Ramin Daoud as Vice President (VP) of Human Resources (HR). Academy of Art University partnered with Frederickson Partners on the executive search. In her role as VP of HR, Ramin will provide leadership


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In The News

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AI in HR: Five Ways for People Leaders to Build AI Proficiency

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become essential for modern businesses, enhancing operations by simplifying routine tasks and providing deep insights into workforce trends.  AI in HR can significantly streamline and enhance many strategic activities.

7 New Capabilities of the Chief People Officer Within Venture-Backed Companies

Known for their rapid growth and innovation-driven ethos, companies backed by private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC) firms have a new set of critical skills essential for their People leaders. The changing role of the Chief People Officer (CPO) in venture-backed firms reflects how the role is evolving across many industries.

Labor Issues and HR in 2024: 3 Key Considerations for the C-Suite

The 2023 U.S. labor market experienced a dramatic increase in union negotiations and strikes. With almost a million unionized workers engaging in negotiations with their employers and nearly 400 strikes recorded, the last year reflects a change in the labor landscape and a heightened focus on labor and employee relations.

Executive Hiring: 6 Tips for Relocation When Recruiting Top Leaders

In a post-Covid labor market, organizations across the U.S. continue to face challenges in finding enough talent to fill open roles. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, There are 1.7 million more Americans out of the workforce than in February 2020. The most recent data shows that there are more open jobs than there are unemployed workers.

Tips from the Front Lines: Pitfalls to Avoid When Recruiting in Today’s Market

Talent Acquisition and the New Model for Executi9ve Search Engagement



Mini Webinar – Open Role Data

Our team researched and found comprehensive data spanning three months, providing invaluable insights into open executive roles and industries within the dynamic job market landscape. This knowledge is the key to remaining at the forefront of industry trends and securing success.

Stay Interviews: What Are They, and What Are Best Practices for Using Them?
What Are Stay Interviews?
Stay interviews are a method used by companies to gain valuable insight from employees at different stages of their employment journey. The intent behind them is to enhance the overall employee experience by providing insights for organizational development and improvement.


Employers Are Rescinding Job Offers Again – How to Do So, If You Must
Organizations that have been on pandemic-driven recruitment overdrive the past two years have started to tap the brakes over fears of a looming recession. The reversal of hiring plans happened so fast that instead of just slowing down or freezing hiring and canceling requisitions, employers like Coinbase, Redfin and Twitter are rescinding job offers, a painful tactic generally only seen during an economic crisis.


Tech hiring slowdown not happening, recruiters say
Last week, senior product manager for Coinbase David Hong wrote on LinkedIn that he was up at 4am to prepare for a meeting when his company MacBook abruptly shut down. He later found out he was part of the nearly 20% of the company was being laid off from what the company’s CEO called a looming recession.


What Makes a Good Board Member?” Directors and Boards
To help companies navigate disruptive technology, a global pandemic and other major challenges facing companies today, a high-performing board of directors is more essential than ever.


The Window to Enjoy Your Empty Nest is Shrinking
Susie Chase and Stuart Sutley didn’t waste time after their youngest child left for college last fall. Within weeks, they were hosting dinner parties with friends and colleagues and fixing up their Stevenson, Md., home. They bought fancy skis and made plans to spend more time—just the two of them—exploring the outdoors near their country house in Maine.


3 Golden Strategies to Attract Top Talent in an Ultra-Competitive Job Market
Many businesses are booming, yet simultaneously struggling to adapt to a work world turned upside down. Employers face pandemic-weathered candidates who have no problem walking away from solid jobs or even signed offer letters.


New DE&I Roles Spike After Racial Justice Protests
Job openings for diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) roles surged after the nationwide protests that followed the death of George Floyd in late May. DE&I-related job openings have risen by 55 percent since June 8, after falling by 60 percent at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in March, according to data from employment and recruiting site Glassdoor.


He’s served on 14 boards. Now he wants companies to find other Black candidates
Barry Lawson Williams has a message for companies: Find new Black candidates to serve on your board. Over the course of several decades, Williams, who ran his own consulting and investment company for many years, has served on 14 public company boards, including prominent institutions such as Sallie Mae, Navient Corporation, and PG&E, where he was the lead director.


Remote Work Has Its Perks, Until You Want a Promotion
In tech industry mythology, the San Francisco Bay Area is the unmatched crucible of ideas and execution. Companies like Facebook offer generous salaries and stock awards to lure staff in Silicon Valley’s overheated job market.


COVID-19 Makes Great HR Leadership More Critical Than Ever
Coronavirus has descended upon us like a planetary wrecking ball laying waste to even the best-laid plans. Now more than ever, CHROs must collaborate with CEOs and COOs to lead their organizations through a once-in-a-generation crisis that will likely impact all of us both professionally and personally.


What Tech Companies Pay Employees in 2019
Nearly a decade ago, in the aftermath of the financial crisis, Congress passed a law requiring publicly traded companies to report the median pay of their employees and compare it to the CEO’s pay. The goal was to highlight corporate excess and income inequality…


Some Amazon Workers Fear They’ll Earn Less
When Amazon announced Tuesday that it was raising its minimum wage to $15 an hour for all employees, even vocal critics of its labor practices like Senator Bernie Sanders praised the company.

Talent Talks

COVID-19 and Its Impact on Executive Recruiting

In this brand new episode of ‘Talent Talks,’ Hunt Scanlon Media host Rob Adams is joined by Valerie Frederickson, founder & CEO, and Brian Brinkley, chief growth officer of Frederickson Partners. In this exclusive podcast,  they discuss the current impact of Covid-19 on executive search. Both leaders then illustrate how they are using their past