The ExeQfind Group does retained executive search – and we do it exceptionally well. For more than 20 years we have been building deep relationships within the markets we serve. These relationships coupled with our collective insights and expertise add value to our client’s making informed decisions to recruit and hire the management and leadership talent when and where needed.

While we have a front-row seat to the industries we serve, it’s the art and science of headhunting for which we are experts at. Our collective group of consultants offer decades of retained executive search experience across such industry verticals as agribusiness, FMCG and manufacturing. These are just some of the industry verticals for which we possess deep experience and contextual business knowledge.

Since 1999, we’ve been building relationships and have earned our reputation for being trusted talent advisers. In a field where transactional relationships are the norm, we stand apart by building a deep understanding of what success looks like in your business. We leverage that understanding to assess the types of people that will and will not be successful in your organization. Our expertise as headhunters coupled with our relationships in the market ensures we are successful at engaging and securing the talent that best meet your needs.

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Finding transformative managers and leaders requires rigor, an understanding of relevant industries and functional roles and relationships built with trust earned through years of exercising impeccable judgment and integrity. Don’t take our word for it, Forbes magazine ranked us among the Top 20 Executive Search Firms in America.

We serve the senior management to executive level talent needs of organizations in a range of industry sectors to include agribusiness / agriscience, diversity & inclusion, education, FMCG, healthcare, hospitality, industrial / manufacturing, mining and professional services.

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We provide executive recruitment services to source, engage and secure talent in any area of modern agriculture, agribusiness, agriscience, and organic/inorganic food processing. We have deep relationships across the organic and inorganic food sector formed through years of experience recruiting agrarian specialists into executive leadership roles. Whether your business is food processing, large-scale food production, livestock or farming we can help you find the right talent to run your agribusiness.

We support companies that choose to incorporate cultural diversity and inclusion strategies in their employment requirements. Our own diverse array of executive search consultants mirrors the multicultural diversity that varies by geography, culture, language and industry. Diversity for us, is the mix of people which includes differences in race, ethnicity, gender, national & regional cultures, sexual orientation, disability, and generation.

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News Briefings

The ExeQfind Group and The QualiFind Group Merge Brazil-Based DRH–Talent Search Into Search Platform

The ExeQfind Group, based in Atlanta and The QualiFind Group, based in San Diego, have recently merged DRH–Talent Search, a retained executive search firm located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, into its search and recruitment platform serving the Americas. Hamilton Teixeira, an accomplished retained executive search and marketing-oriented executive leader, owned and led the Brazilian firm

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DRH–Talent Search Merges with The ExeQfind Group & The QualiFind Group

July 27, 2020 – The ExeQfind Group based in Atlanta and The QualiFind Group based in San Diego have recently merged the Sao Paulo, Brazil-based retained executive search firm DRH–Talent Search into its search and recruitment platform serving the Americas. The ExeQfind Group’s retained executive search practice led by Warren Carter has a 20+ year