DRI Offers Money Back Guarantee On Candidates

HR leaders say employee retention remains a top priority among talent management goals. Here's one search firm's novel new approach.

May 23, 2017 – Executive search firm Direct Recruiters, Inc. (DRI), which focuses on the talent needs of small to mid-sized companies, is backing up its executive searches with a retention guarantee of its placements for one to two years. Direct Retention, as the firm calls its new product offering, revolves around a thorough evaluation of candidates by DRI as well as expert independent partners.

“We spent the better part of last year looking at specific reasons why professionals in leadership positions leave companies,” said Dan Charney, president and CEO of the Cleveland-based recruitment firm. “Then we went through a process of vetting third party partners in order to address those exact reasons. Now, when a client is looking to fill a key position, not only do we recruit, interview, acquire, and provide the traditional services, we take it to the next level and offer a full solution using data and analytics to ensure the right fit and retention.”

The firm’s independent consultants provide expertise in a range of areas, including behavioral assessments backed by science and analytics, compensation studies, legal support for non-competes and relocation assistance. The firms are: Pradco; Organizational Consulting Group; Dinn, Hochman & Potter, LLC; and HR & Relo Advisors.

Retaining Talent

Surveys have shown that most businesses these days are concerned about keeping the new talent they bring in. “A CEO or board’s biggest challenge is not just recruitment but also the retention of key hires,” said Mr. Charney. “The direction of the search industry is moving towards full human capital solutions including retention and we’re addressing this.”

DRI’s Direct Retention product involves a team approach that is thorough and seems well integrated. It starts with a client company having an initial consultation call with each of the firm’s consultants. “From there, together we come up with a candidate profile to include cultural fit, a proper compensation plan and parameters around a relocation package,” said Mr. Charney. “We also can include our law firm partner early in the process to come up with a strategy if we feel it is likely the selected candidate has some type of restrictive covenant.”

When the final candidate or candidates are selected, those individuals meet with the outside consultants, who in turn provide detailed feedback to the client. “From there, we will work to collaboratively select the best candidate based on all the data provided from the consultants, DRI’S feedback and obviously, our client’s feedback, as well as extensive reference checking,” said Mr. Charney. “This product goes further than anything else on the market right now to ensure not only a successful placement but also a successful relocation, onboarding and cultural transition. Plus, we stand behind this product with an unprecedented guarantee on our candidates.”

Failure to Develop, Engage and Retain Talent Is Growing
Businesses are not in tune with their employees’ perceptions of engagement, training and career development, according to a just-released survey of human resource executives conducted by talent management solutions provider Saba.

Money Back Guarantee

If the hire fails to work out, DRI offers clients the option of a free replacement or their money back. The program can be prorated for up to two years, depending on the search. Termination for lack of work is the only reason for the hire leaving that would not be covered under the guarantee.

Direct Retention searches take no longer than typical searches, Mr. Charney said. And the challenges vary from case to case. “From time-to-time, a company might want to hire a candidate which might go against some of the data and analytics we provided,” he said. “However, the majority of the time once our process is complete and the data is analyzed, the right candidate surfaces to the top,” he said.

Clients have been responding well to the program, said Mr. Charney. “The ultimate for our clients right now is presenting a slate of great candidates, our support and collaboration on key hiring decisions and follow-up when it comes to relocation onboarding, and retention,” he said. “Thus far, clients have been very pleased with Direct Retention because our services are performance-based and therefore, offer low-risk on their part.  We have guarantees in place to ensure success.”

Contributed by Stephen Sawicki, Managing Editor – Hunt Scanlon Media

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