Companies Lacking Ability to Lead, Recruit and Retain

November 19, 2009 – According to Aon Consulting, a global human capital consulting firm, of the 1,313 employers polled for its recent survey, 85 percent said talent retention and ability to meet talent/skills needs for leadership roles (84 percent) are top priorities. However, many reported that they are not effectively delivering these services with only 46 percent stating they are very/extremely effective at retaining talent, while 38 percent said the same about meeting talent/skills needs for leadership roles. In addition, 41 percent of respondents said the greatest concern of their leadership shortage is the reduced ability to meet revenue goals and profitability targets. This was followed by both a reduced ability to innovate (19 percent) and deliver desired customer service levels (16 percent). “An organization will only go as far as its leadership's ability to lead employees,” said Elizebeth Varghese, talent solutions practice leader with Aon. “History has shown a new genre of competitors has risen from each economic crisis, capitalizing on innovative ways to do business. Conversely, those organizations that have focused on 'just getting by' lose marketshare and may eventually disappear. Those employers turning their attention to building a focused workforce in 2010 and beyond will see a 'bottom-line' benefit.”

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