Employment Index Grows in Most Recent Month

March 29, 2013 – White collar managerial hiring continued its strong recovery in March, according to the Employment Index, which gained 12.5 points from February. The continued hiring gains translate to an overall score of 116.4, the Index’s second highest level in more than five years. Much like February, the long-term sustainability of recent job market improvements is evident when examined through regional hiring. “The budget battle appears to have dethroned Washington, D.C., with Boston taking the lead in hiring for the first time ever,” said JobSerf CEO Jay Martin. “Tech and biotech have been major drivers, with Boston and San Francisco registering huge gains in job growth.” Boston’s steady climb began in November at 140 points and reached 165 points in March. Beantown’s hiring improvements this month hit nine percent, among the more impressive gains for the month. Only Memphis at a growth rate of 10 percent, San Francisco at 13 percent and Riverside at 16 percent were higher.

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