CareerBuilder Launches Recruitment Performance Portal

February 11, 2013 – CareerBuilder has launched its Recruitment Performance Portal, a free analytics tool for all clients that helps companies evaluate how the performance of their job ads compares with other companies vying for the same talent in the same locations. The portal, powered by data on more than 27 million applicant behaviors, tells companies how effective they are in attracting a large number of candidates and how the demographics of their applicants compare to competitors. “CareerBuilder’s Recruitment Performance Portal provides actionable competitive intelligence in real-time,” said Hope Gurion, chief development officer at CareerBuilder. “We’re applying the power of Big Data, making it easy for clients to optimize recruitment strategies to gain competitive advantage and better engage desirable talent. The portal offers companies information that is invaluable in developing a more effective recruiting program by not only evaluating their own applicants, but also benchmarking their recruitment efforts against competitors.”

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