Jobvite Unveils New Recruiting Solution

February 10, 2013 – Jobvite, a provider of next-generation recruitment solutions, has launched Jobvite Engage to provide a robust candidate relationship management solution by allowing recruiters to target job seekers by building lasting talent pools and focusing on candidates’ skill sets. “Our research continues to show that the most sought-after, highly skilled workers across industries such as healthcare, technology and energy tend to stay passive in their job search,” said Dan Finnigan, CEO at Jobvite. “By offering tools that allow recruiters to easily maintain and mine data around candidates’ skill sets, Jobvite Engage will empower a company to build the best teams and recruit cream-of-the crop talent faster and at a lower cost.” For the first time, recruiters will be able to build key communications campaigns, leverage deep tracking analytics and reporting features, and collaborate to identify and attract the best talent. Jobvite Engage also allows the entire recruitment team to help build an employment brand by easily collaborating with each other and seamlessly communicating with future candidates on a continuous basis and in real time.

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