B.E. Smith Adds Physician Advisor

June 27, 2011 – Executive recruiting firm B.E. Smith has added Ronald L. Hirsch, M.D., as physician advisor for the firm's case management consulting services. Dr. Hirsch is a nationally recognized expert in medical case management and an internal medicine specialist with more than 20 years of leadership experience in the healthcare industry. He will advise B. E. Smith clients on case management best practices, with a particular focus on engaging physicians. “Dr. Hirsch has exceptional communication and relationship skills in advancing case management principles and practice,” said Deirdre Byrne, senior vice president of interim and consulting services. “His specific expertise in case management best practices, combined with his patient focus and clinical and leadership experience, will be an incredible asset for our clients.” Dr. Hirsch currently is an attending physician at Signature Medical Associates, a multi-specialty practice, where he previously served as president. Founded in 1978, B. E. Smith is a full-service leadership solutions firm for healthcare providers.

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