AMROP Makes Additions and Promotions

April 16, 2014 – Amrop has added and/or promoted 14 partners within its global partnership of executive search consultants. They include: Andreas Weik, managing director – Frankfurt; Dr. Petra Meyer-Ochel, managing director – Düsseldorf; Volker Rieso, managing director – Düsseldorf; Mayank Pande, partner – New Delhi; Maisa Maion, partner – Sao Paulo; Ann De Somere, partner – Ghent; Mikael Edler, partner – Stockholm; James Kong, partner – Hong Kong; Pierre-Louis Lettaileur, associate partner – Paris; Franceso Garello, partner – Milan; Paul Bornemizsa, managing partner – Costa Rica; Clarisa Vittone, promoted to partner – Buenos Aires; Gonzalo Guerrico, appointed managing partner – Buenos Aires; and Damian Ringwood, appointed managing partner – Dublin. With 84 offices in 56 countries, Amrop is a worldwide executive search consultant network.

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