All Regions, Except the West, Show Modest Job Growth

January 19, 2010 – The Employment Index, which measures managerial recruitment activity online, tracked slightly higher for the second month in a row. Nationally, the Index is 73.9, up slightly (0.2) from November. However, the Western U.S. continues to struggle (down 1.9 to 67.6). Six metro areas tied for the largest increase of hiring per capita (up four from November): Minneapolis, San Diego, Denver, Phoenix, Atlanta, and Cleveland. “While there were no major changes in any of the four managerial levels this month, executives seeking employment should consider D.C., Boston, San Francisco, Seattle and Atlanta, as they are the markets with the most hiring activity over the past couple of months,” said Tony Lee, publisher, The Employment Index is an exclusive barometer showing the change in managerial job openings posted online nationally.

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