Accero Introduces Workforce Intelligence Solution

May 27, 2010 – Accero, an HR and payroll solutions provider with clients in the U.S., Canada, Australia and the U.K., has announced the availability of Accero Workforce Intelligence, a reporting and analytics solution that delivers actionable HR information, enabling HR managers to help drive strategic, informed decisions for their organization. Accero Workforce Intelligence is a usable product out-of-the box with immediate ROI. It includes more than 200 pre-defined metrics, scorecards, charts and graphs, as well as traditional reporting capability all fully integrated with the Accero Cyborg solution. According to a recent survey of HR executives, more than 87 percent of respondents felt they could better drive business decisions with improved access to HR data. Yet, 76 percent of respondents felt they had to wait or it was difficult to get data into the format they needed with their current system. More than two-thirds of respondents could not get the data without technical assistance from their IT department. “Accero Workforce Intelligence is the solution HR professionals need to elevate themselves from a reactive and tactical role to a more predictive, strategic role. With Workforce Intelligence, HR will provide their organizations with measurably increased value as they become the central focus for strategic workforce and overall business planning,” said Tom Malone, CEO of Accero.

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