Accelent Finds New CTO for Borderfree

June 6, 2013 – Accelent, Inc. has placed Brian Dhatt as chief technology officer of Borderfree. Mr. Dhatt previously served as vice president of engineering and product at Jetsetter. The search was completed by John Boehmer, managing director, and Diane McIntyre, partner. “We chose Accelent on the back of an excellent set of references and, as such, our expectations were very high. Accelent exceeded those expectations to the extent that we made the decision to award them a discretionary bonus on top of their fee for their efforts and the end result,” said Michael DeSimone, Borderfree CEO. Accelent is an executive talent acquisition and integration firm which serves technology clients in the Internet, e-commerce and digital media space as well as the enterprise SaaS software sectors.

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