ZRG Partners Granted Patent on Collaborate Hiring Decision System

September 14, 2011 – ZRG Partners Inc., a global provider of executive search and talent management solutions, has announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has awarded ZRG patent number 7,991,635 which covers fundamental aspects of the firm’s automated interview management and hiring decision system called CollaboRATE. CollaboRATE reduces the risk inherent in hiring talent, reduces hiring costs and the time to fill open positions through data modeling and hiring analytics. It generates data on who to hire, key performance indicators for the onboarding process as well as analytics to identify who within an organization really contributes to hiring top talent. “The need for this product comes from a systemic breakdown in how companies obtain interview feedback and then make actual hiring decisions,” said Larry Hartmann, managing partner at ZRG Partners. “Many companies are including 5-7 people in every interview yet the feedback and decisioning process is broken. CollaboRATE unlocks the collective wisdom within an organization to make better hiring decisions while speeding up the entire hiring process.” ZRG Partners also announced the spin off the CollaboRATE assets and resources into a stand-alone business unit called Collaborate Talent Solutions.

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