ZRG Acquires Strating Point Companies

December 20, 2010 – ZRG Partners Inc., a global provider of executive search and talent management solutions, has acquired Starting Point Companies, LLC, an advisory firm focused on executive compensation, board governance and director education within community banks. Currently, ZRG provides executive search and talent management solutions to banks on a global basis while SPC specializes in providing executive and board level compensation advisory for banks within the U.S. Mike Point, president of Starting Point Companies, will join ZRG in the firm's new Dallas offices and will be in charge of expanding ZRG's banking client relationships nationally while continuing to grow executive compensation and board level advisory services within ZRG. “The success of our strategic alliance with Starting Point Companies made it clear that this was a good match for both of our organizations,” said Larry Hartmann, managing partner of ZRG. “Adding Mike Point to our senior team gives us additional horsepower to expand ZRG's unique value for clients while continuing to grow our current banking practice.” ZRG Partners provides human capital services to several key markets including financial services, healthcare and life sciences, technology, energy, and education.

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