WorkPlace Diversity Critical Talent Driver

September 21, 2009 – Diversity in the workplace continues to remain an important business driver and priority for many Fortune 500 companies. In a Harris Interactive survey commissioned by Capital H Group, 95 percent of those surveyed say that senior management views creating a diverse workforce as a major goal. The ‘Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace’ survey involved managers and senior managers from DiversityInc Top 10 companies for diversity and a comparison group of Fortune 500 companies. Qualified respondents held positions ranging from office manager to vice president and had responsibility for managing or leading a team. Ninety three percent of those surveyed say that diversity is treated as a key business driver, impacting business goals, strategies and results at their organizations. A vast majority of respondents (91 percent) report that their organizations set clear expectations of what is required regarding diversity and inclusion. Critical in today's competitive global marketplace, 92 percent say their company's current diversity and inclusion practices have helped their organization's ability to attract and retain talent. And at least 96 percent of respondents believe their perspective and background is respected and valued by their manager, senior leadership, peers, and direct reports.

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