UPMO Releases Talent Marketplace

May 21, 2012 – UpMo, the leader in social talent management, has announced the addition of the Talent Marketplace to its social talent engine platform. Recruiters and managers can use the Talent Marketplace to more strategically collaborate, reduce churn and accelerate the pace at which they fill open roles with internal talent. “Companies continue to throw money at external recruiting, looking for saviors to ease woes, while ignoring the talent they already have,” said Rob Garcia, vice president of product at UpMo. “UpMo’s Talent Marketplace opens your eyes to the amazing talent right inside your company, allowing you to elevate current employees. By giving your employees an internal social career platform, you let them find and be found for internal opportunities -before external entities find them first. In this way, you keep your best employees in-house and engaged.”

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