September 18, 2012 – UpMo, a provider of social talent management, has assigned Eli Gild to its executive team as chief technology officer. Gild will head up engineering and technical operations, and lead product strategy and management at UpMo. As the former president and CTO of KlickNation, recently acquired by Electronic Arts, Mr. Gild brings an extensive background in social gaming to UpMo and will primarily work on the next phase of UpMo's proprietary Mobility Score. “At UpMo, our focus is on empowering people to be more engaged, satisfied employees at their current jobs,” said UpMo CEO Promise Phelon. “Eli is one of the best social gaming professionals in the industry, and is an expert in blending elements of gaming with new technologies to enhance the user experience, motivate employees, and establish measureable results.”

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