Three Industry Reports by HSZ Media on Sale Now

March 12, 2014 – Three soon-to-be-released talent management studies by HSZ Media are continuing to gain attention — and pre-publication copies for the 2014 editions are still available. Executive Search: State of the Industry Report (U.S./America) continues HSZ Media’s long-standing tradition of reporting on the world’s largest recruiting and talent acquisition marketplace, taking an in-depth view of the year in review and looking ahead to the year at hand. This year’s study is packed with in-depth data, statistics and thought-provoking commentary examining new and cutting-edge trends in executive leadership and talent acquisition. Case studies of assignments from a dozen leading search firms will be detailed in the report. Recruiting in Asia, Competitive Strategies in China, Southeast Asia, Japan and Oceania debuts with an expansive look at this burgeoning region for global talent managers; the report takes stock of current trends, country-by-country, and details these critical emerging markets, including from the viewpoint of key companies driving hiring initiatives in the region. In-House Recruiting: Best Practices Redefining Talent Acquisition makes its first appearance this year and fully examines the internal hiring practices at 25 of America’s most respected companies and how in-house recruiting is changing the face of talent acquisition. To reserve your copy of any or all three of the studies ($475 each; a 20 percent discount through Friday), please call (203) 252-7302.

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