Tatum Releases Veloci-T Solutions for the C-Suite

March 31, 2010 – Tatum LLC has launched VELOCI-T Solutions for the C-suite. Tatum developed these solutions to address the unique needs of top management teams, based on insight from the firm's 500+ C-level officers. “Today's management teams are operating highly complex organizations in the highest risk marketplace in our history. They are seeking new ways to quickly achieve their strategies while minimizing risk,” said Rich D'Amaro, president of Tatum. “Tatum's VELOCI-T Solutions for the C-suite are designed by C-level officers to address strategic needs with a pragmatic, results-oriented and fast-paced approach.” The newest solutions within the VELOCI-T portfolio are Tatum Liquidity for Growth and Tatum C-Suite Project Management. These solutions join Tatum Revenue Cycle Management, Tatum Encompass, Tatum RapidClose and Tatum RapidSox in the solution set. With 37 offices, Tatum provides executive services tailored to the office of the CFO.

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