TalentHire Raises Funding and New Service

September 20, 2010 – TALENThire has raised additional funding from investment group Value Plus Ventures and launched a contract and temporary labor marketplace solution in Atlanta and the broader southeast. The marketplace allows companies the ability to utilize TALENThire's local staffing firm network to source and manage contractors or temporary labor for projects or workforce augmentation. The new solution manages all of the tasks associated with contract labor, including online time and expense capture, consolidated invoicing, staffing firm payment, and tax and payroll compliance. “Atlanta companies are becoming aware of the unique power of and embracing our Contract Labor Vendor Management Solution,” said Kyle Antcliff, COO of TALENThire. “There are multiple benefits to utilizing contractors, however, these benefits also bring operational challenges such as contractor sourcing, tax and payroll compliance, time and expense tracking, payrolling, invoicing and payment and end-to-end process management.” TALENThire is an Atlanta-based company that provides an on-demand platform for sourcing contractors and temporary labor while managing process and compliance risks.

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