TalentBin and COMPAS Technology Integrate Services

August 8, 2012 – TalentBin, the talent search engine, has announced full integration with COMPAS Technology, a provider of SaaS talent management solutions tailored to corporate recruiters and staffing agencies. From directly within the COMPAS Applicant Tracking System (ATS) module, users now have the ability to utilize TalentBin to scour the entire professional web and social media communities to find and engage with the candidates who meet their specific experience and skills requirements – creating richer talent pools than ever before. “The COMPAS founders come from real-world recruiting, so this experience is in both our company’s and our product’s DNA. We have in-the-trenches knowledge of what will work and what won’t for corporate hiring managers and staffing pros. As such, we’re dedicated to steadily incorporating best-in-class, highly applicable new features and technology to our platform to solve genuine recruiting needs,” said Tommy Semereaux, director of product at COMPAS Technology.

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