Talent Technology Corp. Creates New Tool for Recruiters

February 23, 2011 – Talent Technology Corporation, a provider of component recruiting technologies for the recruiting/staffing industry and corporate HR departments, has introduced its new Talemetry talent generation suite. The tool is a five-module integrated solution developed to help organizations to continually source, market, and engage a pipeline of high-quality talent. The suite will work seamlessly with existing human capital management solutions, applicant tracking systems (ATS), custom recruiting software, and social media channels. “The new Talemetry suite enters the market at a crucial time for recruiting departments that are straining to keep up with hiring during the economic recovery,” said James Thomas, vice president of marketing for Talent Technology. “Increasingly, we are seeing organizations choose technology solutions that drive recruiting efficiency, rather than staff their recruiting departments back up to pre-downturn levels. The Talemetry suite brings all of these efficiencies together within a single recruiter-friendly online environment.”

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