Talent Alliance Launches SecurityJobZone

July 22, 2009 – Talent Alliance, Inc. has launched its second niche job board in the past month, SecurityJobZone.com. The career center is focused on security officer jobs, homeland defense positions, and other related security industry opportunities. SecurityJobZone features the same interface as its counterpart, MilitaryJobZone. “This is an exciting vertical that we are pleased to bring to market, at the right time. The security industry has continued to see job growth with the advent of government funds and the market has been in need of a focused career center to source talent,” said Brian Davis, CEO of Talent Alliance. “Our price points for advertising and job posting packages make our niche job boards an attractive alternative to the overpriced, stagnant big boards that are all struggling financially.” With a base in Austin and Shanghai, Talent Alliance provides talent management and talent acquisition technology applications and resources in the U.S. and The People’s Republic of China.

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