SuccessFactors Releases Management Tool for Small Business

July 21, 2009 – SuccessFactors, Inc., a global provider of on-demand performance and talent management solutions, has released of SuccessFactors Express, an automated performance management solution for companies with less than 50 employees. The solution helps high-growth companies to instantly create a performance review process, as well as track progress against company goals and comes preconfigured to allow customers to immediately start an evaluation process by adding employee information to the system. Success Factors Express is a web-based solution delivered through next generation cloud computing technology, which eliminates the need to require any additional IT or HR expertise or incur any additional costs for hardware and software, upgrades, or maintenance. The solution includes built-in tools such as SuccessFactors’ Writing Assistant, Coaching Advisor and Legal Scan give users provide professionally written feedback. “With SuccessFactors Express, SuccessFactors reaches small businesses in a whole new way,” said Shelly Davenport, general manager of small business for SuccessFactors. “Having a complete and meaningful review process is as essential to small businesses as it is to huge corporations because each employee must do more with less. Employees need to know exactly what managers need them to do, and it’s essential that managers know if an employee is falling off track so they can immediately take steps to help them out before it affects the business.” Additionally, SuccessFactors has partnered with global business services provider Ceridian to include SuccessFactors Express into its current product portfolio for customers.

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