StaffingBook Launches Marketplace for Passive Candidates

October 13, 2011 – Staffingbook, a web-based offering for placing candidates in technology, finance, and accounting positions is inviting professionals in these fields to create a profile and select a recruiter mentor at . Catering primarily to employed professionals, Staffingbook provides a privacy-protected means for candidates to evaluate specific employer inquiries before deciding if they are interested. Employers may search for candidates by job title, skill set, or key word and review a range of additional profile details. Inquiries are fielded by the candidate's selected Staffingbook Network Recruiter (SNR) who assesses if there is mutual interest in an interview. Employers and SNRs negotiate the placement fee and terms within the Staffingbook system and print out the final agreement. Direct hire as well as interim placements are handled. Steve Harari, CEO of Staffingbook, said: “The best candidates aren't looking and don't have their resumes posted on job boards, so employers have a difficult time reaching them. We blend the best of privacy-enabled search and engagement tools with real live recruiters to offer employers a very efficient and cost-effective solution.”

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